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We stock a large range of the three main types of rubber stamps available as well as accessories suitable for most applications.

Self Inking Rubber Stamps – Self Inking Rubber Stamps re-ink automatically after each impression using an inbuilt ink pad making them ideal for repetitive stamping. If stored correctly, the ink pad will provide roughly 3,000 impressions before it has to be replaced.

Pre-Inked Stamps – In a pre-inked stamp the ink used to create the impression is stored in the text plate(the area which creates the impression) The ink used is oil based. These Rubber Stamps are available in larger sizes and provide a more detailed impression.

Traditional Vue Rubber Stamps – These are the old style Rubber Stamps which require a separate ink pad. They tend not to provide as sharp an image as self inked Rubber stamps. These type of Rubber stamps can be used with a variety of ink.

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