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Round Self-Inking Printers

Shiny Round Self-Inking Rubber Stamps.  Can be used for Address Stamps, Notary Stamps, Engineer Stamps,

Inspection Stamps etc.  Up to 5000 clear impressions before re-inking or replacing the ink pad. 

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R-517 - R-517 Shiny Self-Inking Rubber Stamp 15mm in Dia
Impression Size: 15mm Diameter

R-524 - Shiny R-524 Self-Inking Rubber Stamp 22mm in Dia
Impression Size: 22mm diameter

R-532 - Shiny R-532 Self-Inking Rubber Stamp 30mm in Dia
Impression Size: 30mm Diameter

R-542 - Shiny R-542 Self-Inking Rubber Stamp 40mm in Dia.
Impression Size: 40mm Diameter

R-552 - R-552 Self-Inking Rubber Stamp 50mm in Dia
Impression Size: 50mm Diameter